Me Myself
It was June 3rd 1985 at Bodi, a small town on the foot of Moonar hills. Early on the morning, the clock was exactly in 120 degree(Find the time guys, Itz so long we used our brains to solve mathematical problems). The moon was announcing a welcome memo to the ascending sun. The larks and bush larks are singing their happy melodies on the Moonar pathway. Elsewhere, It was heavenly calm. That moment of my Day 1, I was lying on the lap of my mom, trying to open my eyes, for the first time. To say in the words of vairamuthu

"கர்ப்ப கிரகத்தை விட்டு இந்த அற்பக் கிரகத்தை காண வந்த நாள்."

Build up enough ? :))

Native of : Tirunelveli(My alltime dreamland)

Residing in : Chennai(My Second Native)

Did my schooling at : Spent my most memorable days of my Life at St.Johns Higher secondary school, Tirunelveli && IIPE LR Higher Secondary School, Tirunelveli. To see much more on my school days, visit this Link
My Blog on my School Days >>

Graduation : Four Golden Years. Everyone in the orb is looking forward to live again. the very best days of my Life. I learnt everything else other than the subjects. With variety of characters and a big bunch of close hearts, I delighted the days of my Graduation(2002-2006) at Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli.

Vocation : Fresh out of college, I chose my path to get into the world of Programming.

As the saying goes,

"Programmer - an organism that turns coffee into software."

Am not an exception as well. I started my career as a Business Application Developer with iNautix technologies,Chennai. Life is on the Go. To see more on my techy face Come here >>

Utterly, am an impish kid all through my life time. A single word what my close ones use, to explain myself is "The Entertainer". I am a much simple guy trying to Live every moment. I do have load of negatives. Friends, Please mention in the Friends talk, what changes I have to do myself, to be a right human.

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