H-25,Jesura Cottage, Thirunagar, Tirunelveli - One of the nature's masterpiece. My Mom, My Dad, My Sis and Me - This quadro always rocks. The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of this Quadro. My Mom and Dad are so special. They always allowed us to be independent wherever. The autonomy, me and my sis got from my family, made many of my neighbourhood friends green-eyed during those good old days.

"Any man/woman can be a father/mother, but it takes two special persons to be parents."

My parents are defenitely one of the superlative parents in this orb. Time being this Quadro became Penta, when my Sis got married on August 2007. And the most happiest days is being lived now, after the penta became heaxa - The birth of my Niece Ilakya. Her activities makes everyday so particular for all of us.

"Children are God's Opinion, that the world should go on".

She defenitely is such a opinion to our family. Whatever she does, is special.
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